Sawara historical street

Coedo "Sawara"

Located in Sawara, Katori City, Chiba Prefecture, this merchant town prospered in the boating business during the Edo period.

From the Ono River, which flows through the center, to the Tone River, and then through the Edo River, they carried goods such as rice and sake to Edo.

At that time, the culture of Edo was adopted as if it was sung as "If you want to see Edo, you should go to Sawara Sawara ~", and the image of that time still remains.

It is also famous for the fact that Tadataka Ino, who can not be removed when talking about Sahara, lived. The old home is open for free.

About 10 minutes walk from JR Sawara Station to Hostel Coed (hereafter called Coed)

* Marked by NTT East Sawara Building Steel Tower

The Ono River flows beside Coed. If you walk for 5 minutes, you will reach the cityscape full of Edo atmosphere.

In 1-2 hours, you can enjoy the city itself.

If you are interested in history, visit the Ino Tadataka Memorial Hall

If you are interested in the festival, go to the floats hall

When you are tired, you can take a break at Sawa Machiyakan, which opened in April 2019.

(Katori city)

In 2006 (2006), Sawara City, Omigawa-machi, Katori-gun, Yamada-cho and Kurigen-cho were merged to form Katori-city.

(Nipponia Sawara)

Established in 2015 (September 2015) with the investment of Keiyo Bank, Sahara Shinkin Bank and investment funds.

It is a town development company aimed at supporting the tourism industry in Katori City.

Using the funds, we have developed a merchant town hotel NIPPONIA based on the concept of "a whole town becoming a hotel" and the first guesthouse in Sahara, Hostel Coedo.